Written By DJ Luis Machuca

Released May 1, 2012 

The mix is based on a soulful tribal sound with the influence of early "Detroit Techno". The track flows with relentless beats, transient melodies and spacey effects.


Written By DJ Luis Machuca

Released July 27, 2012

If you are already a fan, we need not explain how seductive Luis's tracks can be. As anyone who has listened to a Luis Machuca track before you will be lured by his unique sound and musical syntax. If you haven't experienced Luis's music full on, you are in for a fascinating musical journey. Luis Machuca is known for his percussive style of programming & uplifting DJ sets. With this Ep he is not hesitant to explore new ideas. He blends his roots of disco, funk and afro latin rhythms, with 80's sounding synth, freestyle drum programming, selective sampling and unique mixing style. He takes his production concepts to a new height, injecting life into three new tracks.


Written By DJ Luis Machuca

Released June 12,2012

Luis's righteous message projects loud and clear through a palette of unique spacey and percussive sounds. The "Old School" version is very atmospheric with sounds and melodies that float through deep bouncy beats. In the "Remix" the atmosphere is still very present but the drive is more direct with explosive crashes and heavy grooves. For those dj's who like to get more creative there are some beats and acapellas included.




Written By DJ Luis Machuca

Released May 31, 2013

After the success of their collaboration -Believe- on Neo Disco, the Deep Culture duo (Myles Bigelow and Luis Machuca) return with this hot saxophone heavy number, -Big City Dreams-. This song was written just before their first show in New York city. The song was intended to rock the dance floor, and it did just that.



Written By DJ Luis Machuca

Released March 14, 2012

Soul Inspiration! written by Luis Machuca, is a special number fusing all the elements of what makes the best of House and Afrobeat music. Luis's original cut uses live musicians on Baritone Sax, Guitar and Bass. Added to its uniqueness are three remixes. First, Oscar P. and C. Scott take the drive of the song one step further by adding a "Latin techy" feel to its flow. Its rawness mixed with percussion makes for a killer combination hyping the experience even more.




Written By DJ Luis Machuca

Released February 12, 2012

Luis Machuca returns with a tasty vocal track featuring Michelle Ross... "Love Sick" has a classic house vibe; with a hypnotic bassline, jazzy guitars, smooth keys and percussion creating a perfect dance floor pleaser. As if that weren't enough he comes through with a sexy "Deep Air Mix" dub based groove to give the track an even smoother feel on the dance floor.


Written By DJ Luis Machuca

Released November 11, 2011

This dynamic new release "Cracking Codes" is a deep yet melodic, soul groove, that drives the dance floor from start to finish. The song evokes a feeling of familiarity with its classic sounding piano riff while taking you on a journey with mystical vocals floating over top.