FashCam Welcomes West Coast DJs Luis Machuca and Clarence and their Cool ‘Turntable Orchestra’ Vibes

Turntable Orchestra is the musical team of DJ Luis Machuca and DJ Clarence. This West Coast duo is celebrating their tenth year of musical partnership. They are as infamous for their sinfully joyous love of life as they are for their smooth, happy sound selections. The name Turntable Orchestra is the outcome of a sunny, lively afternoon spent lounging and sipping vodka sodas at their ‘Fave’ hotel pool.

Currently in their second year of residency at Vancouver’s notoriously vibrant Distillery Bar, Turntable Orchestra is less concerned with texting and maintaining a social media profile than they are with selecting the right music, and using the best elements of the rhythms they discover to create a perfect, convivial mood.

How do you describe their musical style? The same way you would for the recipe of a delicious meal. Equal parts soul, jazz and disco; slow cooked at 300 degrees, glazed with honey house, spiced with beats, samples and vocals, garnished with fresh bossa nova, and served on a bed of soft Latin lounge. This has since become their renowned and much loved groove.

Each month, Turntable Orchestra presents, on FashCam, an hour-long session of their own unique remix selections – called Haute ‘n Cool Remixed. And there’s more, they’ll top that off with monthly charts of their own Turntable Faves to help movers and shakers discover and groove to the best in sounds from all around the world.

Share the music with your friends, and download their suggestions to your mobile device. This feature promises to be a sweet guilty pleasure, and a sensational 360’ vibe for your mind, body and soul.

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